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Welcome to the Jewelry Bargain Shop. We have provided a complete selection of merchandise for more than 10 years - that is about to end. Purchasing here you receive the same guaranatees as you would have with ebay  or US.ebid.net - the exception is - no 10% ebay sales fee - so most of these items are listed here for less than we have them listed on ebay.  If you find the listing here to be more, please advise and we will adjust the price.  Also we do not allow a 14 day return policy - here it is 72 hours or 3 days after receipt and we track every shipment.

Catch the bargains now -  To date, we have sent over 5,000 items to the refinery and cashed out at scrap gold - we would not like to see the remaining items scraped as they are just too fashionable to be destroyed.  So we have priced them at scrap gold price, plus some value for any stones that they have and paypal's fee.

ALSO:  Check out the earrings and pendants.  These items are part of the rescue we made from a Retail Jewelers Vault that was locked since 1991.  The Retail prices on the tags are from that era - can you imagine what they might be today.

For any questions, please email us @                   Sales.JBS@Hotmail.com

 Good Luck and Enjoy.

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